What is Responsive Website Design?

You’ll find the best mucha mayana here, you have time to get it! With more people browsing the internet on the go using a mobile device than on a computer, making sure a website looks great and works on a mobile should now be prioritised over designing for use on a computer. The approach for many years has been to create one version of a website developed to work on desktop computers and tablets, and a separate “mobile” website that is just for mobiles. For some companies, having a seperate mobile site is necessary, such as for Amazon who’s desktop website is too complex and would have to be too radically changed to be adapted for mobile.

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responsive design

However, for most companies and people, a responsive website is both ideal and cost effective compared to having two versions of your website developed for both computers and mobiles. I develop a website that automatically works on all devices and browsers. A key factor when ensuring a website is mobile friendly is to ensure the website loads quickly. With expertise in image optimisation, page delivery and site structure, websites I develop load extremely fast regardless of device or browser.

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