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Lake County Industrial Building

In the first design phase the structural mass is used as an objective function. The process is economic if the final article is a high quality product, paint thicknesses can be minimized and carefully controlled without waste, and painting can be done quickly . Hospitals and homes for the aged need to be heated and ventilated day and night, and there is also a great demand for sanitary hot water.

The interior design employs a number of distinct concepts to create different settings for various activities such as meeting, collaboration or quiet reading. Characteristic original features have been combined with oak, steel and a palette of red and orange hues. The interior then takes on the character of a theatre, with all surfaces bathed in a warm light. The imperfections of the existing materials contribute much to the authentic atmosphere of the LocHal.

55 percent of the total heat consumption in buildings is used to heat residential buildings. Since most people in Norway live in single family houses, heating may be performed by small heat pumps for each house, or by large heat pumps in district heating systems. In these buildings, medium sized heat pumps are very promising as the great demands for domestic hot water ensures long operation times for the heat pumps.

Biotechnology buildings are wet labs, which means they are experimental spaces that feature the handling of various types of chemicals and liquids . Due to the potential hazards, biotechnology buildings require special planning to avoid contamination and spills. Examples are direct ventilation, specialized piped utilities, and temperature controls. The origins of industrial buildings in the United States dates back to 1790 when Samuel Slater opened the first American textile mill, which is often considered the start of the American Industrial Revolution. Ultimately, Slater demonstrated the financial benefits of using these structures to dramatically increase the production of goods. Fast forward to today, industrial buildings have completely transformed the American way of life—with a market size of approximately $32 billion.

They form an extension to the bar area but can also be pushed together to create a stage or catwalk, with the surrounding steps providing seating for the audience. The new architectural design is a contemporary reinterpretation of that of the original late-industrial building, dating from 1932, and builds upon the logic of that design. The impression of spaciousness is strengthened by new sightlines across the diagonally stepped interior landscape.

Kearny Point, a large-scale redevelopment of a historic shipyard in Kearny, New Jersey, sits across the river from Jersey City and less than five miles from Manhattan. Once home to the Federal Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, Kearny Point was one of the world’s most prolific shipyards during the two world wars, employing roughly 30,000 daily workers. In the 1960s, the real estate and recycling company Hugo Neu acquired the 53ha site and for decades used it as a location for warehouses and recycling activity.

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