Different types of Attorneys Intended for Compact Businesses 

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Hiring A Lawyer

LegalVision’s business and commercial team assists business owners, startup founders, in-house counsel and entrepreneurs with commercial legal advice. As an Australian commercial law firm, we have assisted over 100,000 small businesses, SMEs and corporates. Corporate lawyers are an invaluable resource for organizations because they touch on nearly every aspect of how a business is run, working with various people and departments. Having legal counsel available to help your business navigate complicated intellectual property matters or fight a frivolous liability lawsuit levied against your brand can save you millions of dollars in lost revenue. This fact makes it critically important that you find a trusted business law counselor who has a team of attorneys to provide you legal assistance for years to come.

Depending on what type of legal work you need help with, an attorney might charge you a flat fee instead of an hourly rate. This can save you a lot of money, especially on straightforward matters that attorneys handle on a regular basis. In some situations, alternative dispute resolution methods are not sufficient to resolve a dispute. The reality is that some businesses must file a lawsuit or may face a lawsuit by another party. The Katy business lawyers at the Weisblatt Law Firm are skilled litigators who are ready to represent your company in court when necessary. Business litigation is a complex process, and whether your case ends in a settlement agreement or goes to trial, we have the skill and experience to protect the rights of your company.

Or, our corporate legal team can review, draft and negotiate Technology Agreements, Royalty-Sharing Agreements, Licensing Agreements, and other relevant documents. Our business transactions legal team knows the healthcare industry and can craft protective language to help clients navigate the healthcare legal complexities that arise in sophisticated health and wellness industry deals. You’ll get a lawyer who will work to understand your business, your tolerance for risk, and your goals. We have extensive transactional experience and industry-specific knowledge to provide you with innovative, cost-effective solutions. Sheryl Hunter and her legal team have done an excellent job for us and have kept us from making costly mistakes in our businesses. Sheryl has always been readily available to consult us on simple legal questions as well as providing in-depth analysis of complex agreements and contracts.

You’ll get a fee estimate at the beginning and because we assign tasks to the right people at the right seniority levels, you aren’t paying higher fees unnecessarily. Negotiating the allocation of risk provisions in an MSA to avoid possible pitfalls in a vendor agreement or master service agreement in technology deals. Get an estimated cost for projects, like new contract drafts, an acquisition, trademarks, patents, and the like, to help you decide the value of pursuing each. Listen to the tone of your attorney and make sure you trust them from the get-go.

Working with David Kronenfeld restored my belief that attorneys do still exist who are highly skilled and experienced yet also down to earth and enjoyable to work with. His legal and financial acumen, along with his tremendous M&A experience, provided invaluable guidance and insights throughout the process. He helped us to negotiate the best possible deal with a focus on both our short- and the long-term needs and wants. Above all, Sheryl shows a genuine interest in helping me in my business with a keen understanding of business issues balanced with contract details. Ajay has become one of my closest and trusted advisors over the years. His legal, business and financial acumen is insightful and always welcome when making critical business decisions.

Your attorney will make sure your rights and interests are protected. You may end up paying capital gains tax if you sell a business-owned property. Antitrust laws help make sure the different businesses in a marketplace are operating on a level playing field. Some companies use unfair or deceptive practices in order to get a larger share of the market, and it may be difficult to identify unfair behavior in your own company. A business lawyercan help you make sure that your business is operating ethically while helping protect you from unfair actions by other companies.

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