Convert Visitors to Customers

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Driving traffic to your website is considered to be one of the ways to increase your sales. Research shows that only two percent of online visitors are shoppers, while half of those who visit physical stores leave with a purchase.

A website is a reflection of your business and the way you communicate with your customers. As a business person, you don’t interact directly with your customer, but your website interacts with them. So, you need to take a tactical approach to designing your website. Create an innovative and eye-catching website design with a user-friendly approach that effectively engages visitors by making them turn into loyal customers.

Featuring a clear call to action on a web page is absolutely crucial for conversions. In simple terms, this is trying to point a visitor in the direction that best suits you. If you sell products on your website, you want the customer to add the product to their cart or basket. If you are a plumber, you might want your customer to call you so you can talk to them about their needs over the phone. Regardless of your line of work or website needs, most pages benefit from a button which would direct a visitor the next obvious step.

Analysis of Data

Ignoring websites with exceptionally low traffic, by analysing the data of visitor usage, assessing how they arrived, what they did when they arrived and what caused them to leave you website or fulfil your goal (a purchase, contacting you, subsribing to a blog etc.) you can often increase your conversion of visitors to customer relatively easily.

We can discuss your needs either via email, over the phone or in person. By establishing how you best convert your customers and what you want from them, we can design a website “flow” to suit you, guiding your visitors or customers through steps that best achieve your goals.