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At Dome Web design we also provide an SEO service, making sure websites and local businesses have the best chance of being found naturally online via all the major search engines. Search Engine Optimisation can be broadly divided into 4 main sections:

With years of experience following the constant changes Google and other major players implore, we are confident we can push your website higher up the search engine results page (SERP) rankings.

We can optimise websites we develop and create or modify your existing website, ensuring it conforms to the latest changes to Googles algorithm as well as any updates other search engines may have incorporated.

On existing websites we can make sure no penalties are incurred for outdated practices which can lead to a drop of your website in search results, thus a decrease of traffic.

  • On Page SEO

    On page SEO refers to the consideration of Search Engine Optimisation in the development of your website, such as making sure it works on mobile, that the information search engines are looking for is easily accessible and each page is structured correctly.

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  • Off Page SEO

    Off-Page SEO involves anything to do outside the development of the website, such as Social Media, being featured on directories, assessing analytics and data, having links from other websites to yours etc.

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  • Mobile Friendly and Page Speed

    Although a website being mobile friendly and fast to load is part of on page SEO, it is very important that time should be dedicated purely to ensure a website is fully optimised for use on all mobile devices. A large part of optimisation for mobile is the speed at which the page loads as it’s much slower to load a website via mobile data rather than WiFi or broadband.

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  • Website User Experience

    User experience has become a huge part of SEO. Search Engines want users to enjoy and engage with your website, not just find it. If your website isn’t easily navigated, doesn’t engage visitors and is slow to load, your website could very well be penalised in search engine results.

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