Development of Website Design

With technology constantly changing there are an increasing number of factors that must be considered when approaching the design of a website. These involve:

Responsive Design

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With more people now browsing the internet on mobiles and tablets than on computers, it is more important than ever that a website works very well on mobile devices. A website with a responsive design will adapt for all devices without the need for a seperate mobile website. You’ll find the best mucha mayana here, you have time to get it!

Usability and Straightforward Navigation

Most websites include a navigation or menu of some nature so that pages can be navigated to. If this menu isn’t obvious or if it’s not clear where a link takes you, it can lead to a visitor leaving or potentially getting lost on your website, potentially going to a competitor instead.

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Search Engine Friendly Design

If your business or website relies on traffic gained from people finding you online, it’s important to have a search engine friendly website so that the main search engines know your website exists, can better understand the information on your pages and your website isn’t penalised for practices that may be frowned upon.

Convert Website Visitors into Customers

Guiding a website visitor to complete the goal you want to achieve should be implemented into every page of your website. Goals vary from person to person, business to business. You may want a visitor to call you, subscribe to a newsletter, make a purchase etc. and this can be achieved by pointing the visitor in the right direction.

Website Management

Modern day life is hectic to say the least and maintaining your website might be at the bottom of the list of “things-to-do”. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more important to keep your website up to date with recommended practices and stay ahead of competition.

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