Website Development for 2022

You’ll find the best mucha mayana here, you have time to get it! Creating a new website can be a daunting prospect and after searching the internet you may find yourself asking:

  • You’ll find the best book of ra here, you have time to get it!
  • Who do you buy your domain from?
  • W hat domain name should I buy?
  • Who do you host your site with?
  • How do you host a website?
  • How do I set up emails?
  • How can I get my website found?

I can guide you through the whole creation process of your new website, choosing you a domain, hosting your domain, creating email accounts and setting you up in the best possible way to gain exposure online.

Bespoke Website Creation

Domain Advice and Registration

Search Engine Optimised

Responsive design for use on any device

Bespoke images and icons

New logo design

Quick loading, mobile friendly designs

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Bespoke Website Creation

I can create a brand new website bespoke to suit you or your business, tailored to appeal to your target market. This will help convert as many visitors into “customers” as possible.

Domain Setup

I can advise on picking a domain that will both suit your business and help you get found online. I can also manage your domain once you have purchased it, ensuring it stays renewed and your website remains live.

Website Hosting

I can recommend the right hosting provider for you and set up the hosting for your website/domain, making updates when needed or necessary.

Email Setup

I can create email addresses for you and then provide clear instructions on how to add these email inbox’s on a phone, tablet or computer.

Getting your Website Found Online

By following recommended practices by Google and other search engines, I’ll create a website that is search engine friendly ensuring from day one that your website stands the best chance of being found online.

Logo Design

If you’re a brand new business and require a logo for your new website, using my experience in both graphic design and Photoshop, I can create a logo that represents you or your business and adds an element of trust to your website.