Why is On-Page SEO Important?

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Search engine optimization includes a wide variety of strategies that fall into two main categories. Off-page SEO (or what happens outside of your site that is often impossible to control) and On-page SEO.
Internal SEO is the practice of optimizing web pages to generate organic traffic and improve a website’s search engine rankings (search engine result pages). This includes optimizing the HTML of the page, internal links and metadata (meta title, meta description, and keyword density), as well as posting high quality, relevant content and images. When you put all of these aspects of a web page together, you end up with an improved web page thanks to internal SEO.
Likewise, there are search engine ranking factors that are beyond the control of the site owner, this is called out-of-page SEO. Things like backlinks from other sites, social media, brand mentions and reposts can have a direct or indirect impact on a site’s search engine rankings.

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On page Search Engine Optimisation involves tweaking each separate page on your website in order to appear higher in search engine results pages and gain more traffic and increase it’s relevance. Often changes are related to the coding of the website but also includes modifications to images and other aspects of the page.

Alterations to Googles algorithm recently meant that websites declined in both desktop and mobile rankings if they did not have a mobile friendly site. This was incorporated to encourage website owners to provide a better user experience for visitors to their websites and in acknowledgement to the drastic increase in mobile searches and people browsing the internet on their mobile devices. This is just one of the major changes that Google integrates over each year that web developers must adhere to in order to maintain positions on search results pages.

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