Why is User Experience on a Website so Important?

What does User Experience mean?

This may seem self explanatory, but refers to the experience a visitor has when on a website and search engines want this experience to be as good as possible. You’ll find the best mucha mayana here, you have time to get it! User experience actually encompasses a lot of factors, such as:

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  • The page loading quickly when accessed
  • The page featuring quality and engaging content
  • The website should be easily navigated with key links in the main menu and lesser used links featured at the bottom of the page
  • Text should be clearly legible
  • The website should look the part including branding and imagery
  • The website should be credible, spammy websites and those that lie are penalised severely in rankings by the Search Engines
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Why is User Experience Important?

As most websites want to achieve more traffic, aiming to appear higher up in search results, ideally on the first page, is a way of accomplishing this. Search engines clearly state that user experience is becoming a larger factor in assessing the quality of your website, as they want the results they display for searches to be quality websites. This will aslo lead to users being more likely come back and remain using their search engine.

Also, for a long time, developers thought there was a technique or “key” to appearing higher up in search results. As in, by following “A”, “B” and “C” they could achieve this. This did work for a time but for a long while now Search Engines have been reluctant to reveal exactly what they see as a ranking signal so that there isn’t an obvious technique to appearing at the top of search results. Search engines want websites that are built to accommodate people, not to achieve rankings, and so the consideration of the “user” is becoming more prevalent than adhering to search engine “rules”.

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